What is the Suzuki Method?

Violinist and music educator Shinichi Suzuki developed the Suzuki Method, a child-centered approach to learning the violin and its repertoire. It is known as the “Mother Tongue” method, and children can begin as young as 4 or 5 years old.

This method is based on the philosophy that every child has the potential to develop musical ability, just as every child has the innate potential to develop the ability to speak his or her language.  Children learn music as a language, the way they would their mother tongue.  Learning with the Suzuki Method, music is not only notes on a page, it is a language through which the student is able to communicate.

In the beginning, students learn by ear.  The instructor models pieces being learned, plays duets and musical games with the students to keep the lessons fun. By listening to recordings at home and practicing with a parent, students are able to develop musical and technical abilities with greater ease and confidence.

Children learn to read music as soon as they are able to play a few songs by ear. With practice, students advance to play complex classical music.  Students can also expand to learn other styles of music when the basic skills to play are learned. 


Benefits from Learning to Play Violin: 

                              *INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT

                           Develops Concentration and Focus

                               Increases Scholastic Achievement:

                               Abstract Thinking

                               Reading and Math Abilities

                               Memorization Skills 

                             *PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT

                         Coordination and Fine Motor Skills

                               Muscle Strength and Endurance

                               Brain Development:

                               Neural Pathway Connections between

                               Right and Left Brain Enhanced 

                             *EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT

                         Self Confidence

                               Creative Expression

                               Communication and Social Skills

                               Sense of Achievement 


 Rachel is a Suzuki violin instructor with many years of teaching and performance experience.

*Trained in Suzuki style teaching, as well as traditional methods.

*Member of Suzuki Association of the Americas and Suzuki Association of Northern California.

*Suzuki teacher training with violinist and Suzuki violin instructor Kasandra Klassy who trained directly with        founder Dr. Suzuki.

*Degree in Music and Violin Performance with Honors from Mills College, where she studied with violinist  David  Abel.

*Studied with violinists Joseph Genualdi  and Myron Sandler at California State University Northridge.

*Learned violin from childhood.

*Additional study in the Classical Music of India for 20  years at the Ali Akbar College of Music with Maestro Ali  Akbar Khan, Swapan Chaudhuri, Sisirkhana Dhar Chowdhury and Satyadev Pawar. 



Rachel offers violin lessons which are tailored to a student’s level, interests and learning style, in a supportive environment.